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University Programs

https://www.uniglobalservices.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/study-abroad-germany1.jpgGermany is a country that is chosen by many young students from all over the world to pursue their higher studies with a clear focus on the subjects that interest them. With more than 400 accredited universities, Germany offers plethora of opportunities to students with different aptitude, skill set and cultural background. The chances are that you secure an admission ticket to a course that suits your aptitude in Germany without any undue hassles.

The 20,000+ university programs are classified under specific categories so as to impart the best education to the keen learners. Research Program, Master Degree, Bachelor Degree are 3 main degrees that can be chosen by you to land up in a job of your choice in any part of the world.

Here is a brief overview of all these programs.

Bachelor Degree

Under this degree program, you acquire basic knowledge about two subjects/a major and two minor subjects in 6-8 semesters. You can opt for bachelor degree in arts, science or engineering from a German university and gear up for higher studies in the same subject as well.

The bachelor degree in any subject is a basic international job qualification and makes you eligible to join a company of good repute if you are not interested to go further for M.A/M.Sc/M.Eng..

Keep your documents updated for trouble-free admission process once you enquire regarding the same at university’s foreign student’s office at which you are willing to apply for your graduation program.

Master Degree

This is the second degree after a bachelor’s program and is focussed at imparting you specialised knowledge about a subject of your choice. There are 2-4 semesters in the course. You may also enrol in diploma or magister degree programs that are existent since yester years.

Research Program

As you may know, there is a requirement to choose a research topic and prepare a dissertation/doctoral thesis on the same. The duration stretches from 2-5 years. You can undertake any of the two types of doctoral programs viz. the one where a faculty member supervises you while you work independently on your dissertation and the other one where there are many supervisors in a fixed period of 3 years.

So, aim high as there are no more fears as far as higher education in a stable and safe country like Germany is concerned!