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University Eligibility


You must require “university entrance qualification” in case you are willing to study in Germany. This is a sort of school-leaving certificate that makes you eligible for university study. In case your certificate is assumed inadequate for enrolment at a German University, you will have to enroll in “Studienkolleg”-a foundation course.

First, you should check whether your university entrance qualification is acknowledged in Germany or not. Take help from the DAAD entrance qualification database for this. Simply enter your country in which you achieved your secondary school-leaving certificate

Then you will come to know about the four things as following
1. Your certificate is acknowledged as qualification for general university admission
2. Your certificate is acknowledged only for subject-restricted university admission (i.e. for study in a limited subject area)
3. Your certificate is acknowledged only in combination with one or two years of successful university study in your home country
4. Your certificate is acknowledged as university entrance qualification
ptitude test instead.

If you are from a European country or Iceland, and your school-leaving certificate is recognized in that country, Usually it is acknowledged in Germany, as well.
Sometimes, a formal university entrance qualification isn’t needed from skilled candidates applying for admission to artistic subjects. It depends on the university, still, you may be asked to submit your work samples or pass an aptitude test instead.


If the DAAD entrance qualification database isn’t providing satisfactory information. You can get more specific information at Aanbin. Anabin includes a database on how foreign secondary school-leaving certificates are judged. Visit the Anabin website for more details.

To make the final decision on admissions is solely left on the Universities. Hence, we advise asking at the International Office at the University if you fulfill all the necessities.


If your secondary school-leaving certificate is not acknowledged in Germany, in this case, you have an option to gain entrance qualification to German university by finishing a foundation course known as “Studienkolleg”. To be eligible for “Studienkolleg”, first you have to clear an entrance exam.  Good command over the German language is a necessity.

At the end of “Studienkolleg”, you will be examined in various subjects that are related to the subject of study you willing to pursue. This test is known as the “university entrance assessment examination” (“Feststellungsprüfung”). The language test is also a part of this.

Normally, foundation courses take 2 semesters to finish and provide 28-32 hours of instruction per week. You might be permitted to take the “Feststellungsprüfung” after only one semester, in case your grades are very good.

A tuition fee isn’t charged for foundation courses by most universities. Though, as a course participant, you have to pay the semester contribution that is paid by all registered students.


If you want to check that if you are eligible yourself to enter in a German university, the “Test fürAusländischeStudierende” is a helpful model. This test combines language test, specialist questions related to your subject and examining your perceptional capability. This test result can help you choose a specific subject. Also, you can better judge yourself and your studies.

By gaining good results, you can increase your chances of admission at a German university. Just explore if your university needs the TestAS and all advantages it offers. The TestAS can be taken several times a year at any TestAS testing center around the globe, perhaps also in your country. The exam fee is 80 Euros for this. For more information, you are advised to visit the TestAS URL.