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Types of Universities

Types of Universities

You will find 3 types of universities in Germany that are dedicated for different fields of study viz. academic courses, applied sciences and creative courses (arts, films and music etc.). There are 400 accredited universities offering more than 20,000 and you need to specifically enquire about the admission procedures for each university as it varies from university to university.
The individual universities offer an array of academic courses that are potent to equip the seeker with adequate knowledge and basic skill set to pursue a bright career path ahead. The technical universities are engaged in imparting theoretical knowledge about a particular subject through their specialised academic courses. You can enrol yourself for bachelor’s, master’s or a doctoral degree here.

The other type of academy is universities of applied sciences that educate you in the fields of technology, medicine and economics through their well designed, detailed and practice oriented curriculum of bachelor’s, master’s or other valuable degrees. The courses at these universities are oriented towards work placement in reputed companies in Germany or other parts of the world.

The third most important type of universities in Germany find themselves busy in honing the skills of the talented individuals in the field of art, music and other creative fields. These exempt the students with exceptional talent to enter the premises without a certificate of aptitude for higher education which is mandatory in general.

As a keen aspirant to study in Germany, it would be of interest for you to know that all the 16 states in Germany follow a different set of rules and regulations for admission and the other related details. Hence, it is required that you are crystal clear about the requirements of a particular university before hitting the place with all your bag and baggage containing the essential documents.


You may choose a dual university as well. If you are more of a doer than thinker and motivated to execute your learning, then, a dual degree would make you eligible to pursue your dreams with great passion and confidence. A bachelor’s degree or higher degree in applied sciences in combination with another one in cooperative studies can be pursued in any of these universities which fall under the above mentioned categories.