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How to Apply


There are many ways to apply for admission to a German university. The application procedure depends on which subject you would like to study and where you come from. The application deadlines and process requirements can be different depending on the university, and even on the degree programme.

There are three places which accept applications for admission to university:

  1. The Trust for admission to higher education
  2. uni-assist
  3. The University of your Choice

The right address for your application depends on:

  1. The subject you wish to study
  2. Your country of origin


  • Trust for admission to higher education (StiftungfürHochschulzulassung)

    In those subjects which are restricted locally or centrally for
    admission, “StiftungfürHochschulzulassung” the trust assigns study places. At public
    universities,for first-semester students, A particular selection method id applied for
    assigning study places.

    In case you wanna submit your application to “StiftungfürHochschulzulassung”, sign up with them
    on their portal, from which you can also submit your applications, check status and alter the
    preferences of your desired subjects.


  • Uni-assist

 Uni-assist evaluates if your international certificates are commensurate to German standard or not and also if they make you eligible for admission to a German university or not. Uni-assist can evaluate at the University request, other application elements, for instance, the candidate’s language abilities.You submit a set of application documents and apply for a study place at different universities at once with uni-assist. We suggest applying as early as possible. In case you forget to submit a required document, you will have enough time to submit it before the deadline. That’s why send in your application to uni-assist early enough. The assessment process can take 4-6 weeks at uni-assist. Uni-assist forwards your application to the universities for consideration when your documents are complete and you fulfill the particular admission provisions.

The University takes the final decision on admission – not uni-assist.

Normally, applicants are charged for its services as uni-assist is a non-profit organization and does not receive any kind of public funding.


Your country of origin also plays a role in the admission process.

Scenario A

  1. You apply for university admission in a subject with a central NC, and
  2. You received your university entrance qualification in Germany or at a German School abroad, or you come from an EU member state, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Norway.

You must submit your application to the Trust for admission to higher education.

Scenario B

  1. You apply for university admission in a subject with a central NC, and
  2. You do not come from an EU member state, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Norway, and you did not receive your university entrance qualification in Germany or at a German School abroad.

You have to inquire as to whether the university is a member of uni-assist.

Scenario C

  1. You apply for admission in a subject with a local NC or no restriction.

You have to inquire as to whether the university is a member of uni-assist.


Normally, Applicant has to pay a processing fee at the time of applying for admission to the university. The applicant has to submit additional documents and certificates as well. So you will be expected to pay the following charges:

                     Fees for certified copies and translations

                     Examination fee for the TestDaF or DSH

                     Application processing fee

The cost of the processing fee varies according to where you apply.

  1. If you apply via uni-assist:

Your first of various applications or a single application cost 75 euros. All added application charged 15 euros per university. This is applicable to every application submitted in one semester.

  1. If you apply directly to the university:

Some universities charge a processing fee from the applicants. If this is the case, the university will review your application only after receiving the processing fees.

  1. If you apply directly to the Trust for admission to higher education:

Application processing is absolutely free of charge.


It depends on where you apply, you can collect an application form from the University directly, from the Trust for admission to higher education or from the DAAD portal.

You can get the form from the Uni-assist website in case you are willing to apply through uni-assist. For this, first, you have to create an application on their website, convert the form into a PDF version and get it printed.

Along with your application form, you must submit various supplementary documents, including:

                     Certified copy of your university entrance qualification such as high school diploma, A levels

                     Certified copy of your each and every university certificate you have received so far

                     A passport size photo

                     A copy of your passport

                     foreign language certificates

Only properly certified copies of certificates are acknowledged. Not only do you need not only certified copies of your original certificates but also certified copies of their translations. These certificates must be translated by a certified translator. In case you need to send a copy of a translation, even the copy must be properly certified. Some universities accept English documents as well.

In your home country, the German diplomatic mission can certify your documents. Also, responsible department of the institution, which issued the certificate can certify the documents.

Normally, The application period closes several months before the forthcoming semester starts. The university will accept the properly complete applications that are received before the application deadline. As soon as you contact the International Office, will be the better for you. That will give you sufficient time to collect and submit any absent document.

The university will only initiate the application process after the processing fee is received by them.


Confirm from the International Offices, uni-assist and the Trust for admission to higher education about application deadlines early enough. You have to submit your application and all required documents before confirmed deadline.

We strongly recommend applying as early as possible as it will increase the possibility with enough time to submit any missing documents before the deadline. In case you’re applying through uni-assist, it will take about 4-6 weeks to process your application for uni-assist. When you send in your application quick enough, uni-assist can notify you about any absent documents before the application deadline closes.

At most universities the following dates and deadlines are valid :

For winter semester enrolment:

  •           Application time: near about the end of May to 15 July
  •           Acceptance letters are mostly sent out in Aug./Sept.
  •           Rejection letters are likely sent out in Sept./Oct.

For summer semester enrolment:

  •                    Application time: from the starting of Dec. to 15 Jan.
  •                    Acceptance letters are mostly sent out in Feb./March.
  •                    Rejection letters are likely sent out in March/April.

Deadlines differ at some universities. On the other hand, some degree programmes begin only in the winter semester, that indicates that the application time may close earlier than mentioned above. Contact at the University to exactly know the application deadlines and the time, your desired degree programme begins.