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German Skills


Knowledge of German is a must for most degree courses for admission to a German University. By taking a language test like the TestDaF or DSH, you can verify your German language ability. Though, you don’t require to know German in case you plan to enroll in an international degree programme. Although to increase your German language ability you can attend a language course.


In most degree programmes at German universities, the instructions are usually in the German language.Therefore, before admission, foreign candidates normally need to prove their knowledge of German.

Though, German is not a necessity in case you enrol in an international degree programme or some specialized masters degree course. Some universities don’t require the German language proficiency in case you intend to study there just for one or two semesters. However, This rule doesn’t apply everywhere, however. So It’s better to ask directly from the University.


You can prove your German language skill with 2 separate tests. One is known as the “DSH” and the other is known as the “TestDaF”.


Before arriving in Germany, You can take the TestDaF in your home country. This test is being conducted in more than 90 countries across the globe. It is conducted 6 times a year in every country except China where its conducted 3 times a year. For detailed information about everything regarding this test visit the TestDaF website.


The DSH can only be taken in Germany. Several universities offer this exam. Communicate the International Office at your university to know more information about upcoming testing dates etc.

The TestDaF and the DSH evaluate language skill at different levels. Suppose in case you pass all test sections of the intermediate level, for instance, TDN 4 for the TestDaF and DSH-2 for the DSH, you will be allowed to study with no limitations.

If you obtain lower scores on various test sections, still you can get admission depends on the conditions of the particular university.

For both the DSH and TestDaF examination fees are charged. The fee amount varies according the country and the institution.

You can take the TestDaF in your home country before you come to Germany. The TestDaF is offered in over 90 countries around the world and is administered six times a year (only three times in the People’s Republic of China). Visit the TestDaF website for information concerning testing centres, dates, fees, application procedures and much more.

  • The DSH can only be taken in Germany. Many universities offer the DSH exam. For information about upcoming testing dates, contact the International Office at your university.
  • The TestDaF and the DSH assess language proficiency at different levels. If you pass all test sections of the intermediate level (TDN 4 for the TestDaF and DSH-2 for the DSH), you are permitted to study with no restrictions.
  • If you achieve lower scores on various test sections, you can still gain admission depending on the requirements of the particular university.
  • Examination fees are charged for both the DSH and TestDaF. The amount of the fee depends on the country you live in and the institution which administers the test.


In case still you are not confident about your German skills, you can enter in a language course. During the semester pause language courses offered by several universities. These are conducted during the summer usually from June to September. Sometimes, courses are offered in the winter months also. You can find a comprehensive list of related courses in the DAAD database.

Apart from the universities language courses, there are a lot of private language schools that also offer German courses.

We suggest if you wanna learn German then the Goethe Institut is certainly a very good place. It’s a cultural organization which outlines the Federal Republic of Germany all over the world. The Goethe Institut offers German courses in several countries around the globe as well as thirteen locations in Germany. For more details visit institute’s website.

There is a web portal The “Deutsch-Uni Online“ (DUO) a better way of learning German. You can increase your ability of German and prepare for your studies. The “DUO” web portal offers on both level courses on beginner and on intermediate.

We advise you not to learn German only for admission to the university purposes. Remember that knowledge of German is also important in making German friends faster and it will make your routine life much easier in Germany.