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Discover 5 Important Tips on How to Relocate to Germany

Discover 5 Important Tips on How to Relocate to Germany

“Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” If you understand that line, you are familiar with Germany or at least some common phrases. Does your mouth water when you think about eating bratwurst and sauerkraut? Then maybe a transition would add some zest to your life. Below, I’ll help you discover everything on how to relocate to Germany:

1. If you want to stay in Germany longer than 90 days, you must obtain a residence permit. This can be obtained from the German Embassy in Washington; they will provide you with all the information you need.

2. Ensure you already have a job lined up before the move. Connect with other co-workers who may have previously moved to Germany or search for ex-pats online or penpals who can help you out and provide helpful information. This should be a top priority before you relocate to Germany.

3. Secure a rental or home in Germany before you leave. Do some research either online or by contacting a real estate company in the areas you are interested in living. They will give you the scoop on the best neighborhoods and what is affordable for you and your family.

4. Brush up on your German conversational skills. It always helps to know the local lingo so you can get around easier and strike up new friendships. It also helps if the entire family learns the language.

5. Become familiar with the local laws and daily living in Germany. Check into the driving requirements, paying taxes, banking, schools, markets, etc before you relocate to Germany. Be adventurous! Germany has so much to offer whether your interests are outdoors, artistic, cultural, traveling, etc. Don’t be a hermit because you’re afraid to interact with local nationals.

Are you ready to explore castles in Bavaria? Sampling a variety of beers at Oktoberfest? How about volksmarching through an untamed forest near a small quaint town? These experiences and so much more can be yours once you arrive. Start planning today to relocate to Germany!

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Benny Horowitz is a hobbyist traveler that’s written dozens of articles on the subject of traveling and relocating to help you when traveling to a foreign country.


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